The medals of the Netherlands Society for Industry and Trade (NMNH)


’s Rijks Munt, 1960, Medal of Merit for 40 years of employment, gilt, 63 mm, NEPK2038
(company: N.V. Van Werven; employee: M.N. Forsman)

The subject of the present NEPK news item is not a specific medal in the NEPK collection, but the medals of Merit of the Netherlands Society for Industry and Trade (NMNH), awarded for long term employment.  NMNH was founded during the period of the Enlightenment, to promote industry and trade. The reverse legend states: “Increase of popular Prosperity is the Society’s objective”. The obverse features a classic personification of Industry and Trade, holding a laurel wreath in her right hand and leaning on a state shield with her left. David van der Kellen, die cutter at ’s Rijks Munt designed the first version in 1861. In 1877 JPM Menger created a new design, and since then the design was again adjusted several times, notably in 1903 and 1954. From 1903 to 1996 and perhaps later, ‘s Rijks Munt has struck many thousands of these medals, and inscribed them with names and dates to commemorate long term employment. They exist in bronze, silver, gold and gilt, with various diameters. Besides as medals, they are also realised as lapel pins, lapel buttons and brooches. On they can easily be found by searching with search term “NMNH-1” from the pull-down menu “Group”.  Please observe the differences in shield, wreath and facial expression. Of economic interest are the employer names. Besides existing companies as Albert Heyn and Haagsche Courant, medals issued on behalf of former retail chains and companies such as P. de Gruyter, V&D, NKF, Werkspoor, Werf GUSTO, Cemsto Cleaning and others are represented in the collection.

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