Online collection

This website allows you to search the web version of the NEPK collection database of presently over 2150 medals. In principle the database contains all medals in the collection. In case of identical medals in the collection, however, only one is included. Information on acquisition and origin of a medal (donation, loan, purchase, etc.) is not included.


Images of more recent medals have only been included if the artists or other rightful claimants of the picture rights have given permission to do so, see the tab: Online collection>Copyright imagery / picture rights.

Direct search

A visitor can provide one or more keywords and start searching of the database in a way identical to that of the general searching machines. Search terms have to consist of at least four characters. One may use the standard options OR and AND. The search task analyses the subject field plus further 15 relevant database fields and presents the medals found including concise information onscreen.

You can adjust the ordering of the found medals and the way of presenting them. By clicking on an image or description with hyperlink, all information of that medal is presented in detail (images only if artist permission has been obtained). A further click on the image enlarges the image to full screen (lightbox).

Advanced search

Besides the direct search described above, you can make use of an advance search option. This allows you to search one specific database field, or a combination of 15 database fields. Examples are Text Obverse, Text Reverse, Medallist, Year / Period, etc. The advance search returns those medals that satisfy all search terms included.