Two interactive touch sensitive display cases are permanently on view in the Erasmus Gallery, each with its own medal presentation. The major part of the collection is in storage.

For viewing medals of the collection within the framework of research or other, one may contact the collection curator to make an appointment, please click “Contact“.

Since 1993, NEPK is part of SUHK, the Heritage Foundation EUR.

The SUHK Board is presided by the Secretary of the University Board. Other members of the board are the secretary / treasurer, the NEPK collection curator, the university librarian, faculty representatives, the director of the City Archive, the director of Museum Rotterdam and representatives from the world of medals and modern arts.

As of 1 January 2013, the Netherlands tax authorities have accepted SUHK as a so-called “culturele ANBI” (Organisation of Public Interest in the area of Culture). This implies that donations to NEPK and SUHK may lead to tax benefits. For further information (in Dutch), click: ANBI Universitair Historisch Kabinet