Copyright imagery | photo rights

For reasons of registration all medals in the collection have been photographed and the images have been included in NEPK’s internal database. Legal stipulations regarding picture rights are such that these images can only be shown on the website if explicit permission to do so has been obtained from the artist or other person(s) or organisations having the right to the images. Since June 2015, NEPK is actively trying to contact medalists, foundations or other potential owners of the publication right to images of medals in our collection, see also the article in De Beeldenaar, Vol. 40 (2016) no 3(May-June), pp. 115-118.

Pictorial rights

NEPK explicitly wishes to honour the artists’ rights of persons or organisations to public presentation of images of  the artists’ products. NEPK therefore adheres to the legal arrangements for this that are in place in the Netherlands.

Potential rights

Any person or organisation claiming picture rights to images that are presented on this website without their permission are invited to address the NEPK curator by email to support their claim, click “Contact“. Any infringement of rights will result in forthwith removal of the contested images.