New presentation: “Portraits of Erasmus in the NEPK medal collection”

Photo: Touchscreen display with portrait medals of Erasmus.

The new exposition in the touchscreen display presents and describes over 100 medals with the portrait of Erasmus. Besides medals in the university’s NEPK collection, some exceptional medals on loan from the Erasmus Collection in Library Rotterdam are shown, plus some portrait medals coming from members of the Rotterdam Numismatic Circle. To complete the picture, some 25 descriptions and images of Erasmus sculptures and portraits in Rotterdam’s public space have been added, plus a number of small Erasmus desk sculptures.

The motivation for this Erasmus exposition lies in the fact that in 2023 it is exactly 50 years ago that the university was named Erasmus University Rotterdam. The university, jointly with the Erasmus Collection in Library Rotterdam, commemorate this with the exposition “Erasmus, the Man, the Myth, the Legend” in the University Library. With books, imagery, citations, etc. the exposition focuses on the impact of Erasmus through time.

As you will understand, this provides an ideal opportunity to present the often little or sometimes even fully unknown medals with Erasmus’ portrait in the NEPK collection together with those in the Erasmus Collection in Library Rotterdam. In parallel to the NEPK medal exposition a specific publication on the recently rediscovered Erasmus medals in the Erasmus Collection has been prepared, which will be submitted to the numismatic magazine “De Beeldenaar”.

The exposition can be viewed for some 12 months, until the fall of 2024.

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