Montijn Insurers (Maatschappij Montijn) 75 years 1850-1925


(Unknown maker, 1925, enamelled bronze, 22 mm, NEPK2347)

This NEPK medal is no showcase of artistic beauty. It is of historical relevance, though, as it links to the history of the presently 170 years old Klaverblad Verzekeringen (Klaverblad Insurers), well known from its creative and confidence inspiring commercials on Dutch TV.

The details of the historic development from Maatschappij Montijn, a small, local and highly specialised insurer of cattle and harvests to the modern general insurer Klaverblad Verzekeringen are most likely of interest to only a small group of English language visitors of our website.

For those interested readers we refer directly to the source of our information, the commemorative publication that appeared in the year 2000:

Gedenkboek 150 jaar Klaverblad Verzekeringen 1850-2000. Auteurs: Eduard van Holst Pellekaan, Tijn Sadée. Drukkerij Anraad, Nieuwegein, december 2000.

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