Economic history in medals (NMNH)


(David van der Kellen, 1861, For 25 years employment, silver, 45 mm, NEPK2437)

NEPK is a thematic medal collection. The Foundation NEPK was created in 1961 as a medal collection of “in particular Dutch medals that have a relation with economic activities and developments”.  Its founder, dr W.L. Groeneveld Meijer, envisioned NEPK as a tangible illustration of the economic and organisational developments in the Netherlands. Clear examples of such medals are those of NMNH, the Netherlands Association for Industry and Trade. Members of NMNH could order commemorative medals engraved with name and dates for celebration of 25 of 40 years of employment. The classic obverse design is by David van der Kellen (1861) or by Johan Philip Menger, who in 1877 cut a new, though very similar, die. The medal shown here commemorates 25 years of employment of A.J. van Meel at Haagsche Courant. A search of the collection database with search term “NMNH” from the pull down menu “Group” results in all 34 medals of NMNH and its predecessors in the NEPK collection. They include medals of businesses (sometimes no longer existing) such as grocery chain P. de Gruyter, Albert Heyn, department store V&D, cleaning company CEMSTO, NKF Kabelfabriek, Werkspoor, N.V. Werf Gusto, and others. And yes, they are tangible illustrations of economic developments.

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