Covid-19 – Medal of Honour of Erasmus MC (NEPK1800)

(Bruno Ninaber van Eyben, 2008, gilded silver on black felt, 44×48 mm, NEPK1800)

One of the side effects of the present Covid-19 pandemic is that quite a few until now unknown names have recently become very familiar to all of us. The faces and voices of Ernst Kuipers, Diederik Gommers and Marion Koopmans and many other medical specialists fill our television screens almost every evening. All three specialists above mentioned are working at Erasmus MC, the combined hospital and Faculty of Medicine of Erasmus University Rotterdam. This hospital plays a key role in nationwide monitoring and planning of hospital beds and IC capacity during these Covid times. A good reason to draw your attention to Erasmus MC’s Medal of Honour. The design (2008) is by Bruno Ninaber van Eyben. The one-sided medal is fixed on a square block of black woollen felt. It slides into a black anodised aluminium casing, which fits in its own carton box. This attention to detail and presentation characterises all of Ninaber van Eybens designs. Uncommon for most artists, some of his designs have been produced in over 100 millions of copies. (Why? he designed the coins for circulation for Queen Beatrix 1980 – 2013).

Obverse image: Line portrait of Erasmus with cap in open circle on an open grid of 8 by 8 squares; signature and the letters MC

NB: The medal was donated to the NEPK collection by the Executive Board of Erasmus MC.

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